Affiliate Program

The Ultimate Partner Program

As part of the launch of our Start-Up Mentors Partnership Program, we are looking for business leads from freelancers, students and aspiring entrepreneurs who could recommend our services to Universities, Colleges, NPO's and Entrepreneurs or Startups, in exchange for a handsome Commission

Below is a brief description of the program :

Do you want to earn money easily, quickly, without any effort?

Become a business lead provider for Start-Up Mentors by registering in our Start-Up Mentors Partnership Program.

What is the Start-Up Mentors Partnership Program?

The Start-Up Mentors Partnership Program allows you to earn money by attracting clients to Start-Up Mentors.

On each contract concluded thanks to you, Start-Up Mentors will pay you 10% of the turnover. For example, on a contract of R 5,000, you will receive 10% of R 5,000, that is means, R 500.

Who are the customers that Start-Up Mentors is looking for?

Aspiring Entrepreneurs / Existing Entrepreneurs: who would like to start a business and need guidance from experts who have started successful businesses before and with mentorship qualifications.

Companies / NPOs /Startups (Looking for the following:)

  • Mentors, Trainers or Business Coaches;
  • Professional Website Designers and/or Maintenance Providers;
  • Digital Marketing Services;
  • Off-The-Shelve Business Ideas and Products;
  • Virtual Accounting Services or;
  • Virtual Assistants.