We have covered this topic before, but because we’ve received requests for more options your Start-Up Mentors Team decided to do more digging and we came up with some more, reliable open source CRM Software options for your SME.

CRM helps businesses build relationships with their customers, which in turn creates loyalty and customer retention. Since customer loyalty and revenue are both qualities that affect how your company creates wealth, we knew that this would be an important subject for us to cover again to add value to you and your business. CRMs manage customer information and track the history of a customer’s interaction with your company.

CRM is also a management strategy that results in increased profits for your business, so choose well:

OroCRM: With an intuitive interface, OroCRM prioritizes a personalized customer experience and offers marketing tools for multichannel businesses.

vTiger: Designed for small business, vTiger features integrated sales support, help desk and a holistic customer view that allows you to view marketing, sales, support and more on a per customer basis.

SuiteCRM: An open-source alternative to the extremely popular SugarCRM, SuiteCRM offers many of the same features while also offering Joomla integration.

openCRX: Offering enterprise level scalability and security, openCRX is developer friendly and easily integrates with a wide variety of third party services.

Zurmo: Unique because of its “gamified” nature, Zurmo offers incentives to complete “missions” and gives badges as users progress towards a goal.

EspoCRM: A lightweight CRM option,
EspoCRM offers a mobile ready solution that is easily customizable.

SplendidCRM Community Edition: The open-source version of the popular CRM solution. SplendidCRM Community Edition is mobile ready and offers a robust suite of CRM tools.

PerfexCRM: Featuring a robust project management suite, Perfex CRM also offers goal tracking and surveys designed for customer retention.

The learning curve for each of these great CRM options are not very steep, so enjoy discovering the best option for your business and increasing your profits.