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​An evocative inside-out coaching approach to enable deep & sustainable change.
​The best life coach for you should be one that will support and enlighten you in your journey to realising your greatness, guiding you to develop your own personal life philosophy, providing you with the tools to give you strength and courage to go on when life and relationships seem to become overwhelming or unpredictable.
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What Is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a lot like fitness training. Rather than showing you routines to build muscle groups, a Life Coach gives you exercises to focus your energy and efforts. When you work with a coach, you’ll develop the knowledge, skills, confidence, and motivation you need to push even further than your goals. Through coaching, you’ll receive:

  • Powerful conversations and brainstorming
  • An independent and honest viewpoint
  • Candid feedback and celebrations of your victories
  • Encouragement to push through tough times
  • Improved interpersonal and technical skills
  • An expertly-designed goal to achieve your desires
  • That amazing feeling that comes with being truly heard…and so much more.

Is Coaching Worth the Cost?



Over 98% of those surveyed responded that the Life Coaching they received was absolutely worth the cost. That’s because Time = MONEY.

Working with a life coach will focus you on your goals in a way you didn’t think was possible. What may have taken years can be accomplished in a matter of months – or even weeks – with the right combination of focus, motivation and accountability.

Coaching Structure

Coaching Structure

Step 1 – Book A Session Online

When you schedule a session online, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your appointment and a Zoom Meeting link. There will also be a link to the Forms Page so you can quickly and easily complete the paperwork prior to the coaching session.

Ensure you fill out the coaching contract and information forms before your first session!

Step 2 – Day of Your Session

Using the link you received in the confirmation email, join the Zoom meeting. If I haven’t received your forms yet, I’ll walk you through them before we begin. The real work starts with powerful questions and clarifications. Then we’ll define your goals and generate a simple, manageable path forward.

If you would prefer a telephone session, just let me know ahead of time.

Step 3 – After Your Coaching Session

You’ll leave each session with steps forward and things to accomplish by the next one. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a follow-up Focus Sheet from me that captures the breakthroughs, barriers and path forward we uncovered during your coaching session.

Be prepared to discuss your progress during our next coaching session.

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