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“The place where future billionaires come to be mentored."

What We Do

At Start-Up Mentors, we are digital transformers causing disruption. We transforming startups into sustainable, scalable, and game-changing SMME’s. Reshaping the world one start-up at a time. Join us for long-term good mentoring.

Our Promise

To transform your thinking and behaviors. To match your dream of realizing your vision. By using proven methodologies. Helping mentees to overcome impostor syndrome in the process.  Aiding your professional development and enhancing your skills.

BEE Status

Start-Up Mentors are proudly 100% black-owned. We meet the BEE requirement as specified in the Transformation Charter by Government.  Start-Up Mentors is a B-BBEE Level 1 rated company with effective mentors.

Start-Up Mentors: Value Proposition for Your Business

Our products and services include, but are not limited to the following:

Life Coaching

Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Virtual Accountants

Virtual Accounting

Virtual Attorneys

Virtual Assistants

Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Web Design/Development


Non Profit Organisations

Non profit organisations

Why Work With Us?


We are well educated, experienced, and highly skilled business executive mentors. Our formal mentoring relationship is very important for our and your success. The role skills and knowledge of our coaches and mentors are certified by internationally recognized bodies including the ICF, IIPM, and PMI.


Not only do we help you identify the root-causes of your problem/s, but also guide you to permanent solutions, that are right for you and your business through quality mentoring. As entrepreneurs and high quality mentors this is what we are trained to do. 

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Assessing and assigning a high-quality mentor to help you solve your unique business challenge in the shortest period of time. Experienced serial entrepreneurs are standing by to get your business unstuck and thriving. 


Business problems can cost you a lot of money and even your business. Some of the most destructive business problems are the ones you don’t even realize you have until it’s too late. Assisting you in identifying those problems early and rooting it out before it grows can save you thousands and even millions.

Meet Our Team

Xavier K Smith

Founder & CEO | Managing Director:  Positive Energy Unlimited (Australia) Qualifications: BCom (UNISA) | Executive Coaching Certificate (IIPM) | Executive Leadership (Project Management Institute), etc.

Karin E Smith

Director: Special Projects | CEO : Destiny by Design |                                 Qualifications:  Executive Coaching Certificate (IIPM), Executive Leadership (PMI)


Urvasi Chetty-Makan

Executive Mentor

Master of Business Administration (Nelson Mandela University Business School) | BSC Physiotherapy Honours (University of the Western Cape) | Transformational Life Coaching (International Coaching Federation)


Justin Esau

Executive Mentor

BCom Accounting (University of Johannesburg) | Executive Coaching and Facilitation


Cindy Cameron

Talent Manager

BSc Engineering Honours (University of Johannesburg) | Strategic Human Resources (University of Cape Town)

Ashutosh Parvate Photo

Ashutosh Parvate

Executive Mentor

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) | Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) | Human Resources. |Bachelor of Business Administration & Law – BBA | LLB, Business Administration, Management and Operations, Law


Teboho Seretlo

Executive Mentor

Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS): International Executive Development Program: Leadership Management | Women in Insurance MDP – GIBS Leadership Management | B.Sc Honours Maths  (Fort Hare) |Goldman Sachs : 10,000 Women Online Course


Yolande Mlangeni

Yolande Mlangeni

Snr Marketing                                                                                 Manager BCom Marketing Honours (University of Fort Hare)

Vuyo Fuzani Photo

Vuyo Mokoena

Chartered Accountant                                                                                              BAcc University | BAcc Honours (University of Stellenbosch)

A-List Clients

Some of our current/past clients on our mentoring program.

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